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Would you recommend percutaneous revascularization of an 80% tibio-peroneal trunk lesion in a 60 year old patient with intermittent claudication attributable to this stenosis?
Medical therapy and exercise program only unless there is threatened limb ischemia.
Treat with laser atherectomy.
Treat with cryoplasty.
Treat with plaque excision (e.g., Foxhollow)
Treat with a coronary drug-eluting stent.
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SIS 2011 Symposia


This symposium is financially supported in part by educational grants in accordance with ACCME's Standards for Commercial Support. SIS is grateful to all past supporters and looks forward to continued collaboration in making SIS the premier educational course in cardiac, vascular, and neurovascular therapeutics on the West Coast. Appropriate acknowledgement will be given to all supporters on this web site and at the time of the Symposium.


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Dr. Mark Reisman guiding registered nurses and cath lab technicians in a pig heart dissection.