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Would you recommend percutaneous revascularization of an 80% tibio-peroneal trunk lesion in a 60 year old patient with intermittent claudication attributable to this stenosis?
Medical therapy and exercise program only unless there is threatened limb ischemia.
Treat with laser atherectomy.
Treat with cryoplasty.
Treat with plaque excision (e.g., Foxhollow)
Treat with a coronary drug-eluting stent.
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SIS Conference 2008

Fellows Course
Saturday, July 12th and Sunday, July 13th

This 1.5 day invitation-only symposium for fellows in cardiac and vascular medicine provides a foundation in percutaneous intervention using a case-based and hands-on format. Hands-on cadaveric training in the Seattle Science Foundation BioSkills lab will compliment this year's program. Additionally, fellows will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with state-of-the-art therapeutic technologies and interventions while putting into practice the approaches and techniques discussed throughout the course. Full scholarships for fellows will be provided by industry-funded educational grants and will include:

  • Waiving of Program Tuition ($695)
  • Transportation Reimbursement (Maximum: $700.00 airfare and ground transportation or parking costs. Coach only, not first class transportation)
  • Hotel Room & Tax (Friday, July 11th and Saturday July 12th only)

For more information regarding the SIS 2008 Fellows Course and to receive an Application Form please contact Kurt Owens via email at Registration is limited. Please log in to be taken to the registration page:

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